Brown Ale, Finland

Brown Ales, yes again one of my absolutely favourite beer styles (yes there are quite a few). Unfortunately either Finns do not drink brown ales, or Finnish breweries do not brew them. It is extremely hard to find brown ales here. Every time I find one, I definitely try that one. Hint to Finnish breweries: brew brown ales! At least Nordic Brewery did it!

Appearance. Dark brown colour, thick toffee colour once the beer has warmed up. A bit (too) cloudy. A minimal head. 3,5 stars

Aroma. Light, a bit sweet malt aroma with hints of toffee and wood. 3 stars

Taste. Moderate malt sweetness, toasted. Low to moderate bitterness. A hint of earthy hop flavour. I would like to have a sweeter aftertaste. 3,25 stars

Mouthfeel. Medium-light body, low carbonation. 3 stars

Overall. An easy to drink brown ale, not really memorable, but that could be fixed with a few improvements. Could be a bit sweeter, with more toffee or caramel flavour and taste. 3,25 stars

Extra. I appreciate all the info on the label; malts, hops, “suitable for vegans” etc. Highly appreciated!

Final rating: 3,25 stars

Brown Ale, Nordic Brewery, Finland, ABV 5,4%, IBU /EBU 35, EBC 60


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