Blanche Bio Wit, Belgium

Brunehaut has some interesting gluten free beers, so I decided to try their witbier. I did not really have any expectations, I’ve had some gluten free beers, and most of them have not been anything special. However, I decided to try this one with an open mind, as I usually do with any beer. Belgian wit is not one of my specialities, but it is a clear cut style, therefore easy to rate.

Appearance. Cloudy, light honey-toffee-yellow coloured, a bit darker than wit beers usually are, not so dense of a head, but a nice head, which disappears quickly. 3 stars

Aroma. Quite neutral, yeasty, low malty sweetness, fruity. 3 stars

Taste. Too neutral, hard to find notes of anything. Low grain-flavour, lactic. Yeasty aftertaste. 2,5 stars

Mouthfeel. Light body, carbonated, light acidity. 2,75 stars

Overall. Overall neutral impression. Easy to drink, good as a cold beer on a hot summer day. Not a memorable beer. Refreshing – definitely, tasty – not so much. 2,75 stars

Extra. Great to see more and more organic beers, highly appreciated! I love the magpie on the label!

Final rating 2,75 stars.

Blanche Bio Wit, Brunehaut, Belgium, ABV 5,5%, IBU –


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