Let’s Settle This Like Adults, Finland

This beer got the attention of the media visiting Finland when Trumputin met in Helsinki. I have to say it was a great idea to come up with a beer for the occasion, and I am sure this marketing attempt helped this microbrewery a lot on their way to become an internationally known brand.

Appearance. It took me by surprise to see that the beer is a bit cloudy. Colour is very pale. Too pale. A great, white, beautiful head, atypical to pale lagers, but naturally it disappeared quickly. 2.5 stars

Aroma. Not much of an aroma. I tried to find something significant in the aroma, but I failed. 2,5 stars

Taste. Just a hint better than a typical bulk lager. Has to be finished while cold, otherwise the taste is just… No real aftertaste. 2.75

Mouthfeel. It is an OK basic lager, best when it’s chilled enough. 3 stars

Overall. Unfortunately there is not much to add. Basic, boring, no-real-taste lager. Not something a microbrewery should brew. 2.75

Sadly this lager is boring. It is not much better than Heineken, Lapin kulta or Carlsberg. That might be the whole idea in the end, since so many beers were given to international media representatives, and not to professional beer drinkers. Kudos for the idea though!

I have to say that I believe lagers and pilsners will be a “new” trend in microbrewing in the upcoming years. So many different things have now been tested, and the time of focusing on hops seems to be a bit passé. I believe that with some interesting yeasts lager will make its way to microbreweries.

Final rating: 2,7 stars.

Let’s settle this like adults, RPS Brewing, Finland, ABV 4,7%, IBU 20


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